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Q: What is Mascara Layering?

A: The trick to getting full eye lashes without all the glue.

Huda Beauty, House of Lashes, Velour eye lashes- the list goes on! All these eye lash brands have popped up recently due to the high demand of full, long eye lashes. Eye lash extensions have also become a huge craze for the easy, time freeing, “no makeup makeup” look. 

Now you can get the look without gluing eyelashes on everyday or spending $50 every two weeks thanks to mascara layering. Pixi Beauty has recently brought this trend forward as an alternative solution- and beauty junkies are loving it!
The first step is to apply the Black Lacquer Lash Primer which helps to strengthen and protect the lashes. Not only is the formula going to help build mascara layers, but the brush shape also aids in adding volume- making it the perfect base coat! I mean, would you paint your nails without using a base coat first? No…
The second step is to use the Lash Booster Mascara, which is a waterproof formula to help curl your lashes. This prevents the use of any possible damaging eye lash curlers. The formula is long wearing and will last all day. This mascara is the, as Pixi Beauty says, “hairspray for your lashes.” 

The third step is to help add even more drama to your lashes by adding tiny fibers onto each lash. By using the Lengthy Fiber Mascara this will really create a lush, feathered look. What is great about this fiber mascara too is that it doesn’t flake off like most fiber mascaras tend to do. Grace from @damselflavored, love this product because she doesn’t “look like a raccoon at the end of they day.”
The last and final step is to help out those pesky lower lashes finally get a good coat of mascara on them. These ones always are the trickiest to get. However, thanks to the Lower Lash Mascara it is now possible. The slim applicator allows for just the perfect amount of product to coat those mini lashes. 
What’s even better is that you can now buy all four of these together online for only $45.00! The online promotion goes until September 12, 2016. By getting in on this offer you are saving 20 percent- you can’t beat that! You can barely even buy two mascaras from other competitors at that price. Check it out while you can:   
I mean- just check out the results from only using two of the products (Lash Booster Mascara & Lengthy Fiber Mascara) from +Elle Leary Artistry! Imagine if she had used all four. 
PC: +Elle Leary Artistry
We would love to hear what you think! Comment below on your thoughts as well as your experiences with #mascaralayering. Look forward to hearing from you all. 

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