Have You Done Your Holiday Shopping Yet?

MORE Holiday Gifting Ideas-

That are Travel Friendly!

Many of us travel during the holidays to go see loved ones from all around. Isn’t it hard enough packing all your warm winter clothes into a suitcase then on top of bulky gifts gouging into your precious available space? Fox 5 Las Vegas recently had a segment specifically for those who struggle with finding room in their suitcases on a regular basis!
1. reVive Light Therapy: These essential devices are perfect for traveling as well as for those who travel as it is small enough to fit in your purse. The travel-friendly USB charger makes it easy to plug into any source- even your laptop for you busy working ladies! This device comes in two lights for different skin concerns: acne and anti-aging. Can’t get much better than that. These devices can also help reduce packing 10 other skincare products on quick trips. ($49)

2. Zoella Beauty: These adorable gingerbread shaped Bath Fizzers make the perfect stocking stuffers. 3 of them come to a pack- so you can even split them up. Two as a gift then one for you to help you relax after the busy holidays! These are only available during the holidays- so be sure to get yours while you can. ($12)

3. Pixi Beauty: Their holiday collection is adorable – just the packaging alone will make you want to pick it up! These products are available at Target and make the perfect gifts for anyone who loves makeup! The Ultimate Beauty Kit 3rd Edition has everything any makeup lover could want- all in one small palette that is easy to pack. Want to also glow a little extra this season? Pick yourself up the Rosette Palette for glowing highlighters and blush to make you stand out at any festive gathering!

4. USANA Health Sciences: These nutritionals and vitamins will keep you and your loved ones going strong through any holiday festivities. They’re a must to add to any trip to help boost your immune system and keep the energy going.

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