What We Are Obsessing Over Lately! Featuring Daily Concepts

After recently signing with Daily Concepts (which we couldn’t be happier about!) we quickly became obsessed with all their products! However, one in particular we fell in love with instantly… the Your Detox Massage Brush

dry brush 2 pkg

What is it & how does it work?

Daily Concepts takes exfoliating this summer’s dead skin one step further with the NEW Your Detox Massaging Brush that is ONLY AT ULTA.COM. Think of dry brushing as a juice cleanse for the body. One third of your body’s toxins are excreted through the skin and the practice of dry brushing helps to unclog pores, cures poor digestion, cellulite and remove toxins that become trapped in the skin. Dry brushing is a combination of exfoliation and massage that involves taking a dry brush and moving it over your body in slow, circular motions two to three times a week. The firm bristles and nodules of the brush give your skin a thorough exfoliation while the pressure helps to stimulate your circulation and lymphatic drainage, which also helps the body eliminate toxins.

dry brush front.jpg
Front of the brush which features the natural bristles and massaging nodules

How do I use it?

With natural bristles and massaging nodules for radiant skin, polish in circular motions all over body in order to stimulate circulation and to eliminate layers of dead skin. To care foe the brush be sure to clean after use and do not leave in the shower or humid areas.

Our review…

The first time we used it on our arms at the office we weren’t sure what to expect…but we quickly fell in love when we saw the dead skin falling off and felt our velvety soft skin afterwards. You will definitely notice a difference in how much softer your skin is. After dry brushing your skin will get slightly tingly- which is good! That means it is working- stimulating blood flow and circulation underneath your skin too! Our beauty tip after dry brushing is to follow up with your favorite lotion or Daily Concepts NEWEST body oil, Your Renewal Oil- Spray

Head on over to our Instagram page to see this in action!



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