Ornament Your Nails This Holiday Season

Decorate the house! Decorate the front yard! Decorate the tree! Last but not least, don’t forget to take some time for yourself and decorate your nails!

Young Nails brings the nail art to your home so you can easily create any custom nail design and stand out at all the holiday parties. Young Nail’s Tinsel Time collection, just like decorating a tree, has unlimited possibilities with their 8 new Caption Polish shades and 2 art screens.

These DIY holiday themed art screens are easy enough for anyone to use. They’re the whip cream to that piece of pie! Curious how they work? Check out this video which goes into great detail from one of the founders himself, Greg Salo.


Group Shot + Stencils

All of Caption’s shades wear with gel-like durability, stay chip-free for 2-3 times longer than average polish and will dry 3 times faster than tradition polish, which is perfect for the busy holiday season. These 8 shades are sure to dazzle at any holiday party.

Rise & Grind: A cheeky pink champagne frost

On Full Blast: A super-charged rose copper holo glitter mix

Anywhere But Here: Sky blue metallic frost

Drop the Mic: A triumphant silver holo glitter mix

Way Above Average: A metallic amethyst over-achiever

Selfie Fulfilled Prophecy: A feisty fuchsia chrome

Let’s Be Frank: A metallic garnet straight-talker

Brave Inside: A courageous black with gold shimmer

Now drop the ornaments and grab some Tinsel Time!

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