Head-to-Toe Summer Skin Ready Checklist (Pt. I)

Who else feels like it has been a long, cold and dry winter? YCC couldn’t be more excited for some warmer weather coming our way. But first, skincare! I don’t know about you, but our skin is in need of some good exfoliation, hydration and detoxifying.

Here is our head-to-toe checklist before slipping into that sleeveless sundress:

  1. Exfoliate

Getting rid of old and dead skin cells is so important to the overall appearance of one of your largest organs- your skin! Make the way for new skin cells by trying out these products below.

Your Face Scrubber - Lifestyle

This eco-friendly bath line has several options and different levels of exfoliation to choose from. If you are like us and like to change between the two, the Your Dual Texture Scrubber is perfect for you. This option is great too if you have sensitive skin as you never have to use the rougher side. If you always prefer a rougher scrub, the Your Exfoliating Gloves are just for you. Beauty tip: these gloves are great to use before a spray tan for all over exfoliation to make your spray tan last longer.

Your Exf Gloves Lifestyle

Do you ever have a hard time reaching your back or your feet? No problem- Daily Concepts has you covered! Your Back Scrubber is comfortably designed to hug your back and apply just the right amount of pressure to also feel like a massage. You’ll forget your even in the shower! For other hard to reach areas, the versatility of Your Stretch Wash Cloth  is perfect for the bottoms of your feet as well as your back. Or you can also simply use it as a washcloth that has a rougher texture.

We can’t forget about our faces! Daily Concepts Your Facial Micro Scrubber is perfect to have in the shower to make sure you don’t forget to exfoliate daily. It is gentle enough for daily use, while still getting the job done. Did you know that blackheads and large pores are partly caused by dead skin cells?

Want a two-in-one? Exfoliate and moisturize your skin at the same time with Zoella’s Cream Scrub from her Jelly & Gelato Collection, so you know it’ll leave you smelling delicious too!

ZOE_J&G_Cream Scrub Straight_RTCH_RGB_V2

Our face is our most exposed part of our body compared to any other parts, which is why we need to take extra special care of it when exfoliating for a flawless complexion. Pixi has two hero products that everyone must have in their cupboard; which is their Glow Tonic and Peel & Polish

The Glow Tonic allows for a gentle exfoliation with no abrasiveness involved, while the Peel & Polish has super fine sugar granules along with fruit extracts to gently wash away dead skin cells. I couldn’t imagine a better combo!

Tune back in next week to find out which products we recommend for the next step after exfoliating- it’s an important one so don’t miss it!

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