Mother’s Day Done Right!


Get your mom something she will actual use this year without breaking the bank!

Daily Concepts:

Your Exfoliating Gloves Daily Concepts exfoliating gloves are specially woven to gently and efficiently exfoliate layers of dead skin and impurities from the body’s surface. Aa an integral part of any cleansing ritual, these gloves unclog pores and buff away stress while stimulating blood circulation. “It’s Me Time” label fades when it’s time to replace Your Exfoliating Gloves.

exfoliating glvoes


Your Konjac Sponge- What is Konjac? It’s a traditional Japanese jelly-like food, made from a kind of potato called Konnyaku potato. Traditionally used in Japan as a beauty treatment for its properties, the Konjac sponge is highly absorbent in both water and oils and is excellent for a thorough cleansing. Breaks down dirt, restores pH balance and doesn’t contain any preservatives or chemicals.



Pixi Beauty

Pixi Pretties Dimensional Eye Creator Kit- Highlight and define for the ultimate dimensional eyes. Pigmented, blendable eye shades in a portable palette curated by Weylie are teamed up with a 2-in-1 black kohl pencil and liquid eyeliner duo to make this kit the perfect everyday eye essential. (This product is not eligible for promotion.)


Overnight Glow Serum- A concentrated exfoliating gel that helps to reveal a more even & radiant skintone overnight.

pixi 2.png

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